The GIft That Keeps On Giving

I studied at HB in the late 70’s and early 80’s, but it wasn’t with Ms. Hagen. I was too afraid to audition for her! How ridiculous! Happily, I did study with her years later in her Master Class in LA where she challenged and reinvigorated me!

I was first introduced to Uta’s work through “Respect For Acting” through one of her students, the brilliant character actor and gifted teacher, Archie Smith, who taught me in the Professional Acting Program at Penn State. I now had a practical and reliable way of working on any kind of material, which has served me for decades. So it was exciting to be in Ms. Hagen's Master Class, where she assigned me Object Exercise #10: Historical Imagination. I did Charlotte from THE CHERRY ORCHARD. I was - and continue to be - thrilled that the exercise was included on her teaching video. The gift that keeps on giving from an iconic actor and teacher.

Thank you, Ms. Hagen, for continuing to inspire me!
Marilyn McIntyre, Actor and Master Teacher.

Marilyn Mcintyre

Born in Germany, Uta Hagen moved to Madison, Wisconsin, at the age of six. With the exception of several interruptions for study in Europe, Ms. Hagen received most of her schooling in Madison, her home until age sixteen. After training briefly at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, she made her professional debut in 1937 in Dennis, Massachusetts, as “Ophelia” in Eva Le Gallienne’s production of Hamlet.

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