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We knew Uta all our lives as friend, mother, teacher, mentor, critic, inspiration, and colleague. Over time, we have all fielded many questions about her, We've created this website to share our experiences with Uta with others including many people who did not have the opportunity to know her. On this website, you'll find links to her books (now translated into several languages). We've also included some remembrances and stories from others who knew her and still more people who have been influenced by her work.

Please let us know what additional information you'd like to see on this site. Use this link or the Contact Us tab at the bottom of each page to get in touch with us. if you have questions or suggestions. And if you have stories or photos of your experiences with Uta, please let us know about them with the Contact Us form. (Don't send photos with that form but tell us about them and we'll get in touch.

Navigating the Blog

We update the blog with new information from Uta's unpublished letters (available for researchers at http://archives.nypl.org/the/21834), comments and stories from friends, students, and others, photos from productions, as well as personal photos helping you to get to know our friend, Uta Hagen.

The information is currently organized into these categories:

Welcome has basic information such as this bog entry.

Scrapbook has photos, clippings, some excerpts from letters (to and from Uta), and other memorabilia.

Uta Today compiles comments, stories, and information about how Uta's ideas influence people today.

Herbert Berghof provides information about Herbert.

Acting brings together information about the challenges confronting theatre artists today (and always) as well as how people (particularly Herbert and Uta) have confronted them. You'll find Uta's history of HB Studio in this section.

...And More. We'll be updating the blog. Use this link or the Contact Us tab at the bottom of each page to pass along suggestions.

The Web Team

Born in Germany, Uta Hagen moved to Madison, Wisconsin, at the age of six. With the exception of several interruptions for study in Europe, Ms. Hagen received most of her schooling in Madison, her home until age sixteen. After training briefly at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, she made her professional debut in 1937 in Dennis, Massachusetts, as “Ophelia” in Eva Le Gallienne’s production of Hamlet.

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